Going Green in the Kitchen

Ways to Incorporate Greener Ideas and Materials in Your New Kitchen:

Earth Day is less than two weeks away (April 22, to be exact). If, like us, you’re thinking about ways to incorporate greener ideas and materials in your new kitchen, start smack-dab in the middle—with your sink.

Remember the sustainability mantra: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. A well-made stainless steel sink can contribute to a more environmentally friendly home on all three fronts.

Reduce. Choosing a sink that will last a lifetime reduces your impact on the environment. Because you won’t need to replace it in a few years, you cut down on additional materials and energy needed for creating a new sink, as well as packaging and fuel for shipping. Quality stainless steel is incredibly durable. It won’t chip, dent or stain, so it will look as good decades from now as the day you install it.

Reuse. Stainless steel sinks are often made from recycled materials. We know that Elkay, the leading manufacturer of stainless steel sinks, incorporates recycled content whenever possible. Even their packaging uses 50% recycled materials (and is completely recyclable).

Recycle. Should you ever decide to replace your stainless steel sink, it’s 100% recyclable. In fact, steel is the most recycled material in the world. It can come back again and again and again as another sink, a file cabinet or a Frank Gehry-designed building.

What’s more, companies such as U.S.-based Elkay are focused on minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. They’ve designed manufacturing facilities that support the triple bottom line, valuing people and the planet as much as profitability.

There you go—your own positive contribution to the planet, just in time for Earth Day.

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